Nick Bakita’s sculptures are great colorful shapes, and enticing symbols. Each its own metaphor for a deeper, more meaningful feeling, a small trigger bringing back a moment or memory in your mind. 


“I think everyone should have a place in their mind where they can escape. For me its some of the best memories of my life, specifically from my childhood. I try and relive them as much as possible, they bring me so much joy.”


“I had an exciting, fun and wild childhood. The best days were spent riding my big wheel, fishing with my grandparents and making pasta with Nona. I was the first grandchild, so I was very spoiled, but I was also the only grandchild to have spent time with our grandfather before he passed away.”


Each work is a representative of something bigger, reminding you of the past or bringing you new ideas to the present. The works are exciting and dynamic, yet playful. Easy to digest, these works bring to life your fondest memories. 

I was born in Akron, Ohio, I grew up in a suburb of that city, Barberton, with my parents, Karen Marie Kauffman and Stephen John Bakita. I was an only child for ten years, then my only brother was born, Alex Michael Bakita. 


I hold degrees from the Myers School of Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts, in Printmaking and minor Painting; and the School of Visual Arts, Masters of Fine Arts, in Fine Arts. 

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